The Observation Car Podcast EPISODE 2 12/2011


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  • "Model Railroad News" Gone! 00:00 - 10:00
  • A wealth of product knowledge and the best locomotive reviews.
    What about digital downloads like Model Railroad Hobbyist?
    Digital or tin foil toilet paper? Seriously?

  • Digital Model Railroader Magazine 10:00 - 14:35

    Zinio Online Magazines

  • FOS Scale Models 14:35 - 16:00

  • Model Railroader Magazine 75 years on DVD 16:00 - 24:00

    3 DVD's, 912 issues, 100,000 pages
    Just $150? Save $50!
    Jimmy's wife calls in... sort of
    Printing the pages - searching - installing - actual scans - war time
    Drop your phone or iPad in the toilet? Seriously?
    Take a look at the DVD here

  • What's under the Christmas Tree 24:00 - 27:00

    Doug's layout plan. Start small 6" deep is easy to commit too
    Jimmy's wishing for a Pennsy DVD or a Turbo Tree

  • The Pennsy DVD 27:00 - 34:10

    Hal Reynolds and the Atlantic Scale Modelers Turbo Tree machine
    Super Trees by Scenic Express
    Dave gets made at Doug re-working his scenery on the Pennsy
    Heki Trees not Jimmy's favorite color on camera
    Available 12/28/11 at FOS Scale Models or Railroad Kits

  • Experimenting with The Grass Master 34:10 - 38:00

    Making tufts with wax paper, aluminum foil, and the Heki Grass Master
    Elmers School Glue
    No Comment? Just trying to reinvent the wheel.

  • Sugar Cane Railroad 38:00 - 49:25

    Fan and Palm tree kits Hart of the South
    Sugar Mill Railways of Java on YouTube Watch it Here
    Mount Blue Model Co Excursion Car
    Lynn Zelmer Cane Sig website 1000+ pages
    Paper Buildings & Cane Cars
    Layout in the Jan 2012 issue of Model Railroader Magazine
    Adolph Hungry Wolf Books & DVD's
    Central Rafael Freyre DVD
    Black foot or black feet?

  • Railroad Kits 49:25 - 50:20

  • Doug Curries DC Models 50:20 - 54:00

    The "S" scale kit #1 The Shed built as "O" scale
    Great instructions - list of kit contents - Summary: Easy & fun.
    DC Scale Models website

  • Sterling Models 54:00 - 55:00

    Carol & Craig Vfreeland - Hand made trees, rock molds, and rock castings.
    Sterling Models website

  • Deerfield River Laser 55:00 - 56:30

    Laser cut Jackson & Sharpe coach retrofit car sides
    Deerfield River Laser website

  • Dave's very busy lately 56:30 - 57:30
  • The Pennsy DVD (Again...) 57:30 - 1.01:25

    Jimmy's water method
    Dave's wax the water method
    Antique Scenery on eBay?
    George Sellios - His good scenery never goes to waste

  • Listener's emails and phone calls 1.01:25 - 1.08:00

    Dr. Gutgsell
    EXPO Freebies
    J. Zepeda
    We miss Slim
    Chip asks about horses - Doug's 1/4 horse. Jimmy's Preiser horse's.
    Massive Ralph calls in
    Live phone calls?

  • Fos Salt Neck Harbor 1.08:00 - 1.10:00

    Check out Doug's latest kit here and the video preview can be seen here

  • Jimmy's Pennsy plans 1.10:00 - 1.13:37

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